The silent Paul White speaks

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Paul W. White, terminated as senior director of Parks and Recreation for Knox County, never issued a press release or called any reporters I know. He just disappeared – until …

Hair resigns, White fired

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It was a short-lived scandal, and that is the best kind. Knox County is saving over $250,000 in salaries and gained two golf carts. Here’s the press release:
Knox County Mayor …

Zero tolerance for ethical lapses

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Glenn Jacobs should not wait “several months” to handle misuse of county funds by his chief of staff, Bryan Hair, and director of parks, Paul White.
In a statement Thursday, Hair …

Jacobs suspends two top aides

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Update: Apparently the alleged misbehavior revolved around shoes and golf carts. You might call it Random Acts of Dumb.
Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs placed Chief of Staff Bryan Hair and …