Rating the Class of ’17

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Five newbies joined the Knoxville City Council two years ago, replacing term-limited incumbents. Let’s score them, based on Tuesday’s vote on Recode Knoxville.
Gwen McKenzie (District 6: East Knox) – Solid …

Recode Knoxville passes 7-2 on first reading

Sandra ClarkOn the Grow

Update: Knoxville City Council voted 7-2 to adopt Recode Knoxville on first reading. The July 16 meeting again went past midnight with much discussion and amendments adopted by the council. …

Still time to make Recode the best it can be

Nick Della VolpeOn the Grow

The second round of Knoxville City Council’s clean-up-messy-Recode draft No. 5 extended over nine hours on May 30. The work session lasted till after midnight … longer than many in the …