Two Dons and a Marsha

Betty BeanKnox Scene

Marsha Blackburn wants to be vice president. This is not news to anyone who’s halfway paying attention to politics – nobody takes winter junkets to New Hampshire and Iowa or …

Walker honored for contributions

Sandra ClarkGibbs/Corryton

The Rev. Jess Walker of Corryton has received a Certificate of Merit from U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who called him “one of the unsung heroes of our conservative movement.”
Walker was …

Stage is set for big UT changes

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Imagine for a moment it’s a few years down the road.
– Will the University of Tennessee School of Agriculture be located at UT-Martin, out west where the farmers are?
– Will …

New voice in Nashville: just holler

Betty BeanKnox Scene

What the heck is the Tennessee Holler?
At first, all we knew was that it was a website that posted a video of a guy snookering newly chosen House Speaker Glen …

Merry Christmas, wherever you are

Frank CagleFeature, Frank Talk

There was a time, I suppose, when members of extended families lived near each other and gathering for Christmas was relatively easy. But now families seem to be more separated …

Blackburn is far right, wins anyway

Frank CagleFeature, Frank Talk

State Republicans are reveling in winning a hard-fought election campaign for the U.S. Senate, but the numbers reveal cause for concern going forward.
In Tennessee, Trump country is, well, the country. …