Loudon County pauses to honor Sgt. Jenkins

Sandra ClarkLoudon, Obits

Regional focus is on Loudon County today as residents prepare for the Celebration of Life and burial of Sgt. Christopher Jenkins of the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. Gov. Bill Lee …

Sgt. Matt Fagiana: No slow mode

Tom KingLoudon, Our Town Heroes

After reading Matt Fagiana’s résumé, the question came naturally: “Are you married and have a family?”
Nope,” he said. “I’m married to my work. I don’t have a slow mode. I …

Kevin Kirkland: Deputy finds a buddy at Eaton

Tom KingLoudon, Our Town Heroes

There’s something special going on between 11-year-old John Garrett Pinkston and School Resource Officer Kevin Kirkland. It’s refreshing, interesting, even sweet and heart-warming.
Kirkland is an eight-year veteran of the Loudon …