Beaver Creek: A great place to play

Sandra ClarkFun Outdoors, Powell

Beaver Creek has been praised and cursed, polluted and renewed.
It’s a flat, slow, shallow waterway, except when it floods. Then it spreads far from its banks, damaging buildings and ballfields, …

A cure for cabin fever

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!
Or do we really want to go there?
Some would say that with all the events being canceled over concerns about spreading the novel coronavirus, it’s been …

Friendly commands: walk, run, sit

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

Local dogs will have their day on Saturday when the 13th annual Mardi Growl takes over downtown Knoxville.
Dogs and their humans, many (both pooches and people) in costume, will parade …

Honor our veterans, and a heroic donkey

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

It’s Veterans Day weekend, and everyone will have the opportunity to get outside on Monday to attend Knoxville’s 94th Veterans Day Parade, stepping off at 10:45 a.m. downtown.
But if you’d …

Do your part for the parks

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

City parks, county parks, state parks and national parks are wonderful amenities that improve our mental and physical health. But sometimes they need our help to stay at the condition …