City to honor 20th anniversary of 9/11

Jay FitzKnox Scene

Mayor Indya Kincannon will observe the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks at several events and services across the city on Saturday, including the annual wreath laying ceremony at …

Indya and Eddie: Ups and downs

Sandra ClarkOpinion

In 2019, I wrote here about the Knoxville election for mayor. Interestingly, and forgotten by most, Eddie Mannis was the people’s choice – at least in the Aug. 27 primary.
Mannis …

Making the case for Kincannon

Chyna R. BrackeenFeature

Indya Kincannon shows up, and when the votes are counted tomorrow (11/5) it will be clear that voters showed up for her as a result of her accessibility and overwhelming …

Mannis, Kincannon move on

Sandra ClarkFeature

The Nov. 5 Knoxville city races are set.
Eddie Mannis and Indya Kincannon will compete to be mayor. Marshall Stair was eliminated on Aug. 27, along with Fletcher Burkhardt, Calvin Taylor …