Water, water everywhere, and no solutions yet

Larry Van GuilderAs I see it, Powell

The 19th-century American essayist and novelist Charles Dudley Warner coined the phrase, “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”
Some Knox County residents let commissioners know on …

Ayn Rand, meet Knox County Commission

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Let’s be clear. Philosopher Ayn Rand would not favor a government-sponsored program to help indigent people obtain medical care. No way, no how. But she might have run screaming from …

Knox County budget vote sets traps

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

How does a libertarian build a budget?
One brick in and two bricks out. Repeat.
Knox County Commission will vote June 6 in a special called meeting on the 2019-20 fiscal …