Billboard bill heads to summer study

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

Legislation that would allow the state’s billboard industry to update and replace older boards with electronic/digital boards will not pass this year. Senate sponsor Becky Massey confirmed Monday that she …

Massey plans amendment to billboard bill

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

State Sen. Becky Massey is preparing an amendment to SB 1760, the bill to allow billboard companies to replace existing boards with electronic/digital technology.
In an interview, Massey said she was …

Billboards: Cue the dirge

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

Sen. Becky Massey has delayed for two weeks her bill that many believe would allow for electronic billboards across the state while overriding local sign ordinances. We wrote about the …

Sen. Massey pushes electronic billboard bill

Nick Della VolpeOpinion

Knoxville state Sen. Becky Massey is sponsoring a billboard industry sweetheart bill that creates a state override on local zoning decisions which regulate electronic billboards. It seems the philosophy underlying …

Scenic Knoxville urges quick action

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

Joyce Feld of Scenic Knoxville is urging her members to quickly contact legislators, since the House vote on legislation to allow electronic billboards statewide is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 24.
“The …