Where’s Eddie? We found him on Thursday

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

The Knoxville Chamber hosted the political event of the season – the shrimp boil – from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday. Eddie Mannis wasn’t there.
Seems some enthusiastic youngsters had organized …

The ‘talk’ has it a three-person race

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Predicting a Knoxville mayoral election is often a slam-dunk. But this time around there are three major candidates, and in the next two months two of them will likely proceed …

Mannis sets plan for business growth

Sandra ClarkFountain City

Eddie Mannis, candidate for Knoxville mayor, would restructure city government to appoint a senior director “who will wake up every day focused on ways to make Knoxville more economically vibrant.”
In …

Eddie Mannis: ‘It’s time’

Betty BeanFeature

Eddie Mannis thought about running for mayor in 2010, but bowed out after having a long talk with Madeline Rogero, whom he ended up supporting and working for after she …