Jacobs talks roads, parks and federal aid

Sandra ClarkPowell

It’s easy to cover Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs because he speaks clearly and in sound bites. There’s none of the aw-shucks banter of Tim Burchett or the shyster smoothness …

It all starts on The Beaver

Sandra ClarkOur Town Outdoors

If you think kayaking MIGHT be fun, but you’ve never put a boat in the water, read this.

Beaver Creek is an ideal learning site – especially the area from Halls …

Road repairs and spring cleaning

Mike DonilaOur Town Outdoors

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and members of the Knox County Parks and Recreation Department will present the Love Kitchen with a check for more than $7,400 and 16 barrels …

Let the green times roll

Sandra ClarkFeature, Powell

What happens when you put a dozen creative people in a circle and ask them to “vision” Beaver Creek? Blank stares at first. But when Steven Goodpaster says, “there are …

Roy Arthur talks Beaver Creek

Sandra ClarkFeature, Powell

Imagine a bald eagle eating a fish on the banks of Beaver Creek.
Roy Arthur saw it one day while inspecting flooding along the creek in Powell.
Arthur was funny, informative and …