Sutherland Avenue is target for upgrades

Sandra ClarkOur Town Leaders

Sutherland Avenue improvements are the focus of the East Tennessee Community Design Center, and results of a February meeting have been posted on the group’s website.

Participants reacted to five questions:

Demographics: Where do you live and what is your age group?

Good or bad: React to three maps highlighting sections of Sutherland Avenue, putting a green sticker on assets that should remain as is; a yellow sticker on those items that need improvements; and a red sticker on amenities that should be removed or completely changed.

Quick takes: What is one thing keeping Sutherland from being beautiful? What is one physical thing that would make Sutherland better?

Businesses: What type do you want to see on Sutherland; what type do you not want to see?

Design styles: This visual preference survey showed a series of categories such as bus shelters, public art, sidewalks, bike lanes and benches in various styles. It asked participants to pick two of four choices.

Now the Design Center will take the data and create an Enhancement Plan for Sutherland Avenue that will be presented to the community and neighborhood groups. Professor Marleen Davis’s Third Year Studio also will be developing projects along the Sutherland Avenue Corridor. Their work will be displayed at a future event.

Find the group’s answers to the above questions here.

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