Sunday talk shows

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We watch them so you don’t have to.

  • Karen Carson is competent at whatever she does, and she makes a strong sub for panelist Susan Richardson Williams on Inside Tennessee.
  • Don Bosch boldly predicted the entry of a third candidate for county mayor this week. The withdrawal of Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones leaves Glenn Jacobs and Bob Thomas, both Republicans, in the race. Bosch said he never thought J.J. would run for mayor and his withdrawal “opens the door for Brad Anders.” He called the race to replace term-limited Tim Burchett “wide open.”
  • John North said Burchett has been coy about his intentions, but suggested he just save us time and trouble by saying he’s running for the seat in Congress now held by Jimmy Duncan.
  • Keith Goodwin, CEO of Children’s Hospital, said on WATE he opposes the Senate’s bill on health care because it “caps the money for Medicaid and shifts the risk to the states.”
  • Craig Griffith said the bill is a deficit reduction plan, not a health care bill at all, and he predicted “it will rain in Washington” with money given to programs favored by so-called moderate Republicans to get the votes for passage.
  • Scott Frith said “the Republicans better get this right.” He predicted passage with 50 GOP votes and a tie-breaker by Vice President Mike Pence.

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