Shannondale students pitch in for Fountain City Lake

Shannon CareyFountain City

Knoxville City Council member Mark Campen led a group of Shannondale Elementary School students in a litter clean-up of Fountain City Lake May 16. Members of the school’s LEGO team met and the lake and picked up litter.

Campen said the clean-up was an attempt to make up for the “duck round-up that never happened.”

“We were focusing on trash, but the students have been studying the algae in the lake, so they were very interested in that,” said April Lamb, who teaches the Shannondale STEM class and coaches the LEGO team.

Shannondale Elementary student Pace Brown examines algae at Fountain City Lake during a litter clean-up. Photo courtesy of Mark Campen.

Campen said he was surprised at how little trash they cleaned up.

“We walked around the lake and along First Creek and removed less than one standard garbage bag of trash,” he said.

He chalked the lack of litter up to regular care from the Fountain City Lions Club.


“There is much more work to be done, but I know the artificial wetland construction is out to bid and that should start taking shape later this year,” said Campen.

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