Robert Campbell Associates hosts Jacobs meet-and-greet

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Robert Campbell, principal at Robert Campbell and Associates engineering firm, opened his doors for a meet-and-greet breakfast in honor of Glenn Jacobs, the Republican nominee for Knox County mayor.

“This is exciting for me,” said Campbell. “I’m a Halls boy, and having a mayor from North Knox County is a tremendous thing to have. This guy right here is going to do great things.”

Glenn Jacobs speaks with Steve Ridenour at the meet-and-greet.

Jacobs spoke to the group about his background and his top three action items for Knox County. The former pro wrestler said he “stumbled into” the entertainment industry after an injury ended his football career. He grew up in rural Missouri, son of a veteran and postal worker.

“I’ve had tremendous opportunities, and I believe that all of us have been given a gift,” he said. “As mayor, I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live the American dream.”

His action items were:

  • Great jobs – Jacobs said Tennessee unemployment is low, but we need to get the wage rate up to keep young people from moving away in search of better pay. Research centers like ORNL and UT can put Knox County on the cusp of advanced materials manufacturing, making it “the Pittsburg of carbon fiber.”
  • Great schools – Jacobs said his sister is a rocket scientist, but his brother fell behind in school due to learning disabilities. Despite that, his brother is a skilled tradesman, and “they are both successful in their own way.” Jacobs said society has “dropped the ball” over the past decades by looking down on skilled trades and career and technical education.
  • Opioid epidemic – Jacobs called it “a cloud hanging over us,” but the government can’t tackle the problem alone.

Jacobs thanked everyone for their support and asked for their vote this August.

HPUD Commissioner Bob Crye and John Crye speak with Glenn Jacobs.

Robert Campbell and Glenn Jacobs share a laugh before Jacobs’ speech.

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