Repairs ahead for Sevier Avenue

Paige M. TravisOn the Grow, South Knox

Beginning Monday, Oct. 26, motorists on Sevier Avenue should anticipate one-lane closures near Davenport Road and short delays in their commute as contractor crews install a communications duct bank across the roadway.

Eastbound and westbound commuters will take alternating turns using the 100-foot-long one-lane section of Sevier Avenue. Temporary traffic signals will be set up to direct motorists.

The installation will close the south-side lane of Sevier Avenue initially. Once work there is finished and the lane can reopen, then the work will move on to the north side of the avenue.

Motorists should anticipate that bicyclists will be merging with vehicular traffic. Also, the sidewalk will be closed on alternating sides of Sevier Avenue, beginning with the south-side sidewalk.

Both traffic lanes and both sidewalks are scheduled to be reopened by late November, when the installation of the duct bank is expected to be completed.

The work is part of Dominion Development Group’s construction of the $14 million City South mixed-use project at the southwest corner of Sevier Avenue and Davenport Road. City South will include 117 residential units and 3,500 square feet of ground-level retail space.

The private redevelopment project will be supplemented with new public infrastructure – underground electric services and new sidewalks, lighting and landscaping. The city’s Sevier Avenue streetscape project is scheduled to begin next year.

Paige Travis is a public information specialist for the city of Knoxville.


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