Raining there yet?

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The scenes from Houston are heart-breaking. We can’t look away.

The Washington Post has developed a tool to determine how that much rain (51.88 inches in Cedar Bayou) would affect locations across the USA.

For instance, I live on a hill in Powell; my house would be under only 4.4 feet of water. Lesson learned: Make friends with people who live on Mountain Crest in Fountain City. Homes there are high and dry.

Here are some other points of interest:

Salem Church in Halls – under 0 feet of water

Pleasant Gap Church in Halls – under 14.6 feet

Powell High School – 7.3 feet

Powell Elementary School – 1.1 feet (old timers built smarter)

Knoxville Court House – 0 feet

City County Building – 5.8 feet (ditto)

Emory Road at I-75 – 8.9 feet

Sunsphere – 10.2 feet

Torchbearer at UT – 0 feet

Neyland Stadium – 7.3 feet

Fountain City Lake – 9.1 feet

Woodlawn at Broadway – 9.5 feet

Long’s Drug Store in Bearden – 4.4 feet

Farragut Town Hall – 7.7 feet

Stay dry, y’all.


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