Peer support group helps Knoxville woman ‘bloom’

Jay FitzOur Town Health

Recovery is an ongoing personal journey toward an improved life. Adopting practical coping techniques can be vital in situations when we feel out of control. Participants of Peninsula’s Peer Support Academies learn to identify and deal with negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and other triggers to better manage them in the moment.

In peer support groups, members share about recovering from and coping with mental and behavioral issues including substance dependency, addiction, mood disorders and co-dependency. Peers can use their own experiences to share hope with others.

Not long ago, Cindy Jeffers of Knoxville was in a deep depression. When her twin sister passed away from cancer last January, Jeffers was overcome with intense grief and found herself in a “dark place.” A peer support group was recommended and Jeffers says she would not be where she is today without the support, encouragement and camaraderie of her group members. Learn more: Covenant Health 0813-3337 Cindy Jeffers Peer Support

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