Navitat: Navigate your forest habitat today!

Annaliese AshleyOur Town Outdoors

Deep in the heart of Ijams Nature Center is an extraordinary treehouse canopy adventure waiting for you to explore!

Annaliese here, the course manager at Navitat. You might tune me out now that you know I work there, but before you do, know this: I could move anywhere in the world and do something totally different than what I’m doing here at Navitat, but I can’t because I love this place, I love this experience and I love sharing Navitat with our amazing guests. 

I believe in what we do for our guests, and I believe in what we stand for as a company. I’ve watched family after family, and group after group, leave tired, happy and buoyed with accomplishment. I’ve seen parents swallow their fears for the sake of being good examples for their children, and I’ve seen siblings encourage each other at their weak moments.

It’s not often that you can go to work 30 feet up in the air and see that kind of growth happening around you, and I’m grateful we get to be part of that here at Navitat Knoxville.

What Navitat offers our Knoxville family is truly unique, and truly unforgettable. Navitat is a great experience for families, dates, churches, schools, corporations … everyone! Navitat is more than just ziplines. It’s an obstacle course in the trees. We have six trails, each with its own ecological theme, and each a little bit harder than the last. We like to call our difficult trail “Ninja Warrior” with belay cables, but it’s still suitable for daredevil kids and adults.

There are so many things I could gush over about Navitat, but the bottom line is that it’s a wonderful experience for locals and visitors, and you won’t get sick of it after just one visit. I’ve seen families that vacation in the Smokies come here year after year, and we have Friday night regulars that live in our neighborhood! We have day passes and season passes, depending on what serves you best.

We’re swinging here now, in the heart of the busy season, and we love every minute of it. We love serving this community and providing you with a place to adventure, explore, get out of your comfort zone, enjoy the trees, goof off with your family, laugh with our staff, and most importantly stay and play local!

Annaliese Ashley is the course manager at Navitat Knoxville. Reach her here or call 865-577-4717, ext. 111.

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