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In Tuesday’s city of Knoxville general election, voters elected the city’s second woman mayor and the most diverse city council in Knoxville history.

Mayor Madeline Rogero this morning hosted a breakfast in her office and congratulated Mayor-elect Indya Kincannon and council members-elect Lynne Fugate (at-large Seat A), Janet Testerman (at-large Seat B), Amelia Parker (at-large Seat C) and Charles Thomas (District 5) on their Tuesday election victories.

Once the new officeholders are sworn in on Dec. 21, Knoxville will have the most diverse city council in its history: Seven of the nine council members will be women, including three women of color.

“I heartily congratulate Indya Kincannon and the new incoming council members,” Rogero said. “I thank all the candidates for running energetic, issues-oriented campaigns. Because of their engagement with citizens, turnout was up 19 percent from the last comparable election. I look forward to a smooth transition and Knoxville continuing its momentum.”

A total of 25,360 votes were cast in Tuesday’s mayor’s race. That’s up from a turnout of 21,268 in 2011, the last time the same open seats for mayor and council were on the ballot.

Rogero and incumbent ouncil members Finbarr Saunders, George Wallace, Marshall Stair and Mark Campen are term-limited.

Paige Travis is a public information specialist for the city of Knoxville. Reach her at

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