Little Lions at Inskip need some help

Jay FitzNorth Knoxville, Our Town Youth

Inskip Elementary teacher Makayla Brooke Posey needs a little help for her students. She’s set up a fundraiser called “Wobble While You Work” to purchase wobble stools to help those 7- and 8-year-olds work out some of their extra energy.

From the fundraiser page, Posey wrote, “Our school is 87% low-income, so for most of my students, school is where they can get not only academic support but also social/emotional support. My students love coming to school every day. Some of my students’ favorite things are math, playing games, being creative, reading and helping each other.”

Go here for more information and to make a donation so these kids can get their yah yahs out while keeping up with their studies.

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