Knox Parks update: Knucklehead alert

Mike DonilaFun Outdoors, Powell, West Knox

This past weekend, someone driving a Jeep tore up part of the Carl Cowan Park field and came dangerously close to hitting some children. A visitor caught the driver’s actions on camera. We posted the short video on social media, asking for help identifying the driver. Someone who knew the person called in and we were able to provide the information to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. It costs taxpayer dollars to fix a patch of property every time some knucklehead intentionally spins out on the grass.

The splash pads are doing great and so far, parents are following the physical distancing rules. Except for one parent who nonchalantly dropped a dirty diaper into the splash pad at Carl Cowan Park. We had to shut it down all Thursday to clean and run the proper chemicals through it. Unfortunately, that person was not caught on camera.

The playgrounds are not open at our parks, but we spoke with the health department and they are looking into when we can reopen. The biggest thing is keeping them clean. There are a number of daycares that have opened their playgrounds but, so far, no public ones are up and running. If the department gets the go-ahead and can put together the time and workforce to get them cleaned regularly, then expect them to open.

We sent a small crew down Beaver Creek on Thursday to float the flotilla route (Powell High School to new Weigel’s on Clinton Highway). There were a few areas that needed some work but it was smooth for the most part. We’re putting together a video of the work they did and hope to release it next week.

Mike Donila is communications director for Knox County government.


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