Karns SportsPark hosts softball tournaments

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Adult softball is up and running again and the SportsPark in Karns is hosting tournaments each weekend. So far, so good. Everyone has safely participated in the activities in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Parks and Recreation crews removed the bleachers, so folks are practicing safe physical distancing and the dugouts and restrooms are sanitized after each game.

One crew also stopped by Nicholas Ball Park on Ball Camp Pike to begin a complete overall. They redid the fields, clearing out the weeds and grass that grew during the months the gates were closed. They also had to repair roughly 15 lights and cut down about a dozen dead or dying trees.

Speaking of trees, a large part of a maple tree fell on the shelter at Mascot Park in East Knox County, damaging four poles that help hold up the structure. We had some folks out there Thursday making sure that got fixed.

Halls Greenway after repaving

In the world of super busy Engineering and Public Works, here’s a snapshot of what they’ve done:

South-Doyle Middle School Football Field – Completed drainage swale along each side of the field to direct runoff into catch basins. We finished digging up the access road asphalt and subgrade material in preparation of re-building the road that was damaged during construction of the field.

We will begin weekend mow-trimming in all of our districts beginning Aug. 1 and Aug. 8.

Richland Colony Road – Completed cross-drain repair from roadway washout during recent heavy storm. We re-opened to traffic two weeks ago, but still have to complete rebuilding concrete curbs and placing the final asphalt surface later next week.

Sam Lee Road – Completed installation of side drain and grass swale across citizen’s driveway as a result of heavy storm a week ago. In addition, we cleared vegetation to provide better sight distance to citizen.

Bakertown Road Slope Repair – Completed repair of slope that had sloughed off and exposed multiple guardrail posts.

Halls Greenway Paving – Completed paving existing greenway section to eliminate water pooling. We also dug a drainage swale in certain area where water could be drained to the adjacent creek. In addition, we’ll install an area drain and pipe in another location where the greenway has a sag to remove the pooling water.

Mike Donila is communications director for Knox County government.


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