Holiday lights and busy work crews

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The annual Holiday Festival of Lights at the Cove will run through Jan. 3 and with a little more than a week left, donations are coming close to matching, and possibly exceeding, last year’s record.

So far this year, folks have donated almost $5,000 and more than 11 barrels of food during the past month. Last year, visitors helped raise $7,677 and 12 barrels of food.

“I think a lot of people have done a great job giving when there isn’t a lot to give,” said Alan Sims, a parks superintendent who helps oversee the event.

Please remember, the proceeds go to the Love Kitchen! The Holiday Festival of Lights runs from 6-9 p.m. each night.

So, what else is going on in the Parks and Recreation world?

Well, we told you last week that a knucklehead stole all the wiring from the ball field lights at Gibbs Park and East Knox Park. Guess what? We got the first of three estimates back and it’s going to cost $44,250 for Gibbs and $18,500 for East Knox. Lot of things I could say and wish on the thief right now, but this is a family news outlet, so I’ll be quiet.

In the meantime, our crews have been out doing all sorts of things.

They’ve installed a door in the garage at Beverly Park; replaced two doors at the Concord Park golf course; replaced the bulbs on the streetlights at New Harvest Park; and caught up on playground inspections.

Oh, and did I mention what Frank Christian did? Frank is a longtime employee and considered a “floater.” Most of the time he’s on his own, working from park to park and getting things done!

Here’s just an example of his weekly routine, according to an email he sent me when I asked him what he was doing:

“Recent jobs have been graffiti at Ten Mile Greenway, Nicholas Ball Park all repainted over, illegal dumping at Gibbs football field area hauled off, replacement of vandalized signs at Melton Hill and Ten Mile Greenway. Leaf clean up in various parks also ongoing. Entrance to the wooded area walking trail at Beverly Park has been cut back and painting started on fence and gates.”

The Engineering and Public Works Department also was busy. Here’s a snapshot of some more work:

  • East Knox Park – Side drainpipe replacement
  • Gray Hendrix Road – Cross drainpipe installation adjacent to existing cross drain for additional capacity

The photo carousel features more holiday lights and the crews at work for Knox County.

 Mike Donila is communications director for Knox County government.


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