His Steadfast Love

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O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
For his steadfast love endures forever. (Psalm 136: 1 NRSV)

Webster’s dictionary defines steadfast as “Firmly established or fixed” or “firm.” It can apply to many things: faith, faithfulness, duty, obedience, love.

When I consider steadfastness in those meanings, I also think of staunch.

I have known staunch Christians. I was born into a family of staunch Christians. They were quiet about their faith, but were ready and quite willing to stand up for what they believed.

Steadfastness, however, has to do with sturdy steadiness over time, even in the face of disagreement, or difficulty, or persecution. It is faith on a different level.

God’s’ steadfastness, though, is on another plane from human steadfastness. It is total and forever. Whenever God makes a promise, He offers His love, forgives our sin, heals our hurts, picks us up, carries us in His arms if need be. We can be sure that God is God, we are His children, and He will be with us, no matter what.

Like babies, we are not born staunch. Neither our bones, nor our sturdiness, are fully formed. We may wobble a little as we learn how to walk the walk of faith. We have to grow up, and growing up involves some bumps and bruises. We learn, hopefully, from those bumps and bruises. We learn how to balance and we fall less often. Eventually, we can walk without falling.

There always will be questions, sometimes with no answers. When we think we must have answers right now, we have to wait. And every now and again, the answers never come. There are answers we won’t know until we meet the Master face to face.

However, we can stand firm as we wait!


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