Gibbs High stadium delayed one year

Josh FloryNortheast Knox, Our Town Teens

Construction of a new stadium for Gibbs High School will begin after the 2021 fall sports season has finished, according to Knox County Schools.

The initial timeline for the project anticipated that the stadium would be completed before the start of the upcoming fall sports season. However, due to current conditions in the construction market KCS cannot be certain that all aspects of the project would be completed at that time. The new timeline calls for the stadium to be finished by August 2022.

“A new stadium represents an important investment in the Gibbs community and our students,” said Gibbs High School principal Jason Webster. “We look forward to a ribbon-cutting in 2022, and I am grateful for the support of our families and elected officials to make this project possible.”

Josh Flory is a multi-media specialist with Knox County Schools and writes the blog Hall Pass for the KCS website.

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