Gibbs falls to South-Doyle

Missy ZaloudekFeature, Northeast Knox, South Knox

The Friday night lights were bright over Ernest Whited Stadium Aug. 31, as the Gibbs High School Eagles took on the South-Doyle Cherokees at home. This was the first home game for Gibbs, after their first away game led to a loss from Austin-East. Unfortunately, it seemed the odds were against the Eagles in this match-up as well. South-Doyle was coming into this game hot after a win over the Cherokee Chiefs last Friday.

Fans packed into both sides of the field to show support for their schools, cow bells and bullhorns in hand. By the end of the first quarter there was standing room only. At half time, bands from both schools delighted the fans with music from the hits of disco and Broadway.

Both teams fought hard, but it was South-Doyle that came away with the win with a final score of 31-7. We’ll keep an eye out to see if South-Doyle continues to dominate, or if Gibbs can shake off the losses and take charge.

Here are some scenes from the game.

The South-Doyle band plays after a touchdown at the Gibbs/South-Doyle game.

Both teams head to center field for the coin toss before the start of the Gibbs/South-Doyle game.

The Gibbs High School cheerleaders ramp up the crowd.

South Doyle cheerleaders strut their stuff on the sidelines.

The Gibbs Eagles and South-Doyle Cherokee square off during Friday night’s game.

The kick is good for South-Doyle.

The Gibbs High School band thrills the crowd with music of Broadway during halftime.

Jesse Farley conducts the Gibbs High School band during the halftime show.

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