Get Out & Play: Sharp’s Ridge Memorial Park

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Happy National Trails Day! We are lucky to be a part of a community that values trails and the amazing benefits they bring to our health and happiness. One great area of trails you should know about (and make a visit to) is Sharp’s Ridge Memorial Park. It’s just a few minutes north of downtown and offers a fabulous view, a nice variety of trail, great birding opportunities, and pays tribute to our veterans.

Hike, bike or drive to the top of the ridge from the neighborhood at Hanover/Ridge Road for the best view of our skyline and the distant mountain peaks. If you ascend on foot or bicycle, you’ll have your choice of 4.7 miles of multi-use trails that wind across the wooded hills. And if you want to add an adrenaline rush on the way back down, expert mountain bikers have the option of taking the Gravity Jump Trail 0.6 miles. Sharp’s Ridge trails drain extremely well and are a great place to hike or ride when other Knoxville trails are too wet, making it a popular choice during springtime.

Another reason Sharp’s Ridge stands out as a favorite is because of the many types of birds you can find. Throughout spring, up to 50 different species have been spotted at this “migrant trap” caused by the higher elevation of the ridge. The Knoxville chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society hosts occasional outings here, including bird watching, litter cleanup and invasive plant removal. Join in and keep an eye out for warblers, hawks and sparrows!

The Veterans Heritage Site Foundation is also involved in preserving and maintaining Sharp’s Ridge Memorial Park to ensure it properly honors the sacrifices of our veterans.

Whether visiting the overlook, seeking out birds or appreciating our veterans, Sharp’s Ridge is a great spot to get out & play! Directions and more information about Sharp’s Ridge Memorial Park is available at

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