‘Garden Stories’ is Guild topic

Jay FitzOur Town Outdoors

Terry Shaw and Brad Lifford will discuss their new book, East Tennessee Garden Stories: Sharing Knowledge, Celebrating Heritage and Building Community, at the monthly Knoxville Writers’ Guild meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, May 4, Addison’s Bookstore, 126 South Gay St. The event is open to the public.

The cofounders of Howling Hills Publishing will be joined by photographer Kelly Norrell, whose work illustrates the book, and poet Linda Parsons, who is featured in one of the 20-plus essays. Contributing writers include Chad Hellwinckel, Eleanor Scott and Kevin Saylor.

“As the world hit a new place with the pandemic and terrifying manifestations of climate change, the role of gardens has ballooned,” Norrell said. “Now we’re seeing how gardening can help us save our world and keep our sanity.”

Gardening brings people together.

“Visit another gardener and see what they’re doing, and you’ll take away something of value,” Shaw said. “Maybe a different way of seeing things. Maybe something to avoid. That’s really the spirit of the book. So, whether you’re a master gardener or a beginner with no idea where to start, we hope you check it out.”

East Tennessee Garden Stories: Sharing Knowledge, Building Community, and Preserving Heritage is available at www.howlinghillspublishing.com.


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