Fundraising continues for Halls Robotics dad

Shannon CareyHalls

Almost a month ago, we wrote about efforts to help a local father and veteran who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Fundraising continues to create a scholarship in Ervin Schoolfield’s name and to provide evening meals for his two children. Fellow parent/mentors of the Red Nation Robotics team are spearheading the effort, but help is still needed.

Parent/mentor Naomi Lohmann said the scholarship has about $470 of a needed $3,000 so far, but the group is not giving up hope of funding a scholarship during Schoolfield’s lifetime. The story was also featured on local television, but information on how to donate was not given, she said.

For more information about Ervin Schoolfield, visit the Red Nation Robotics webpage. To volunteer to provide a meal, use this link. To donate to the scholarship fund, visit this GoFundMe site.

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