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Flying Anvil Theatre welcomes spring with another original virtual comedy by Artistic Director Jayne Morgan. “Tiny Houses” is a sequel to last year’s popular “Branching Out” and features an all-new, sidesplitting story that follows the original cast a few months after the original play.

Change is coming once again to the bickering siblings Scoop, BP and Arnell, and no one is handling it well. Everyone is feeling stressed by their mother’s rather unnerving virtual memorial service and her bizarre outfit (a most vibrant caftan and turban), which, as Arnell says, “makes her look like a reject from RuPaul’s Drag Race.” When the truth behind the festivities and the familial bickering finally comes out, the family must find a new way to both relate with one another and to support each other.

Scoop, Dan, Red, Belinda Patrice, Arnell and Jazmin are back for more.

“It’s a broad comedy, but you’ll probably recognize your own family in the characters.” Morgan says. “The great thing is you don’t have to have seen ‘Branching Out’ to enjoy ‘Tiny Houses.’ But we’ll still give you a chance to catch it if you want to before the new one opens.”

Veteran actors David Dwyer, Carol Goans, Vicki Sparks, Aleah Vassell, Jill Henderlight will reprise their roles from “Branching Out.” One new character is joining the fray- Dan, BP’s nervous and shy husband will be played by Donald Thorne.

Both plays will be available for streaming May 21 – May 30. A key focus of Flying Anvil Theatre, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to remove barriers between art and audience, particularly with new theatrical works. As such, these on-demand performances can be accessed by paying what you can. A mere $1 (or $1,000?!) allows virtual access to these not-to-be-missed comedies. An added plus is supporting the arts when it is needed the most.

Flying Anvil Theatre will soon announce its re-opening with a new season of in-person performances complete with updated safety procedures. To keep up on the latest news, make a donation, or get involved, check out the website here, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @flyinganviltheatre.

Information provided by Flying Anvil Theatre.

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