Free community workouts at Red Devil CrossFit

Shannon CareyFeature, Halls

The folks at Red Devil CrossFit want you to know what the fitness training method is all about, and they’re willing to let you test it out for free every Saturday, 9-10 a.m.

Owner Laurie Hensley said people sometimes have misconceptions about CrossFit. While CrossFit certainly gets the fitness job done, it’s not just for bodybuilders. All fitness levels and all physical types are welcome, and workouts are tailored to fit anyone’s needs.

“We have free community workouts because some people don’t know what CrossFit is,” Hensley said. “Some people are afraid of it. We can scale it to whatever your fitness level is.”

Hensley said the philosophy behind CrossFit is “general physical preparedness,” meaning that workouts target overall fitness instead of just one area.

What’s more, Hensley said Red Devil CrossFit is a friendly, welcoming place. As their website says, “no ‘new people,’ only new friends.”

Elizabeth Shum and Emma York struck up a friendship at their first Red Devil CrossFit free community workout.

Red Devil CrossFit members work out on exercise bikes during a free community workout.

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