Eastside gathering at the Botanical Gardens

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More than a dozen neighborhood groups from the east side of town came together last Friday (9/20) evening at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens.

The gathering was sponsored by Town Hall East, with financial assistance from several city council members. The goal was to get folks with a common interest, talking and working together, as the sun once again begins rise in the East. Currently underway are the Magnolia Corridor upgrade, continued housing renewal, and new business investment in the old city, sure to move eastward as the other pieces fall in place.

The group met in the reworked Mule Barn, now a part of the KGBA’s Urban Agriculture Center. Director Jim Richards welcomed the guests. In addition to organizing sponsor Town Hall East, the following groups attended:

  • Burlington Residents Assoc.
  • Chilhowee Park Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Cold Springs Neighborhood Watch
  • Dandridge Ave. Neighborhood Watch
  • Delrose Drive Neighborhood Watch
  • Eastport/Five Points Neighborhood Watch
  • Five Points/Eastport Tenant Assoc.
  • Michael Meadowview Neighborhood Watch
  • Morningside Heights Homeowners Assoc.
  • Parkridge Neighborhood Organization
  • Riverhill Gateway Assoc.
  • Austin Homes Residents Assoc.
  • Historic Holston Hills Community Club
  • Holston Meadows Neighborhood Watch
  • Spring Hill/ Alice Bell Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Oakwood/ Lincoln Park Neighborhood Assoc.


Town Hall president David Lee welcomes the gathering.

Guests were wooed by ample servings from Archers Barbeque, together with adult libations, including craft beer from Albright Grove Brewing Company of Sutherland Avenue and jazz music by an impromptu trio (Buddy Honeycutt, Matt Coker and Matt Nelson). Burlington resident Kelle Jolly joined in on one of the vocals.

Relaxed neighbors chatted with each other and city council members present (Lauren Rider, Gwen McKenzie and Marshall Stair) along with council candidate Lynne Fugate and Knoxville’s mayoral candidates, Eddie Mannis and Indya Kincannon. State Sen. Becky Massey and County Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ representative joined the fun.

The event was informal by design. A chance meet with others having a mutual interest. a start to better group coordination. There is strength in numbers as the Eastside faces change.

Town Hall president David Lee made brief introductions and remarks. Afterwards, David said, “East Knoxville is a wonderful part of our city – great people and a diverse population. We don’t often have a chance to come together, without a pending crisis.  This was a way to get to better know people working for their neighborhoods, in a positive setting – without the added pressure of a pending controversy.” Amen.

Good food, good music and comradery …. a good time was had by all.

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