Dave Foster: Fast stroke treatment = road to recovery

Jay FitzOur Town Health

An Arizona-based truck driver made some good decisions after experiencing a stroke at a truck stop in White Pine. Dave Foster, 67, was hauling military freight to Fort Dixon during a snowstorm. “It paid so good that I had to take it.”

After resting a bit in White Pine, Foster climbed into the cab to head out. But he felt his entire right side go numb.

“I just immediately di­aled 911 with my left-hand – and I’m not left-handed.”

In the few minutes it took for paramedics to ar­rive, Foster’s stroke symptoms dissolved and he regained feeling in his right side. Decision No. 2 was going to the hospital to be checked out anyway.

Foster was taken first to Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare, the hospital closest to White Pine and a member of the Covenant Health stroke hospital network. He was examined by doctors and referred to Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

All alone in a strange town, Foster underwent carotid endarterectomy. He spent one night in the hospital and is now back home in Arizona – happy to be alive and grateful for his medical team.

Get more information from Dave’s doctor here: Covenant Health Stroke Survivor_Dave Foster

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