Christy Brown: ‘I choose freedom’

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After a lifelong struggle with weight, Christy Brown made a choice.

“I felt I did everything I should be doing, and I hit a point where I couldn’t do it on my own,” Brown re­calls.

She learned from her primary care physician that she would be a good candidate for weight-loss surgery. She attended several weight-loss surgery semi­nars, including the infor­mational session led by K. Robert Williams, MD, bar­iatric surgeon at Parkwest Medical Center.

She felt comfortable with him and his approach.

Christy Brown seven months after her June 2020 surgery

Seven months after sur­gery, Brown has lost 111 pounds and weighs less than 200 pounds.

“I still have to get up every day and decide to eat correctly and move my body,” she says. “If I de­scribed it in one word, it would be ‘freedom.’ That is the one thing that comes to mind. Freedom in my body, my thoughts. And I just feel…lighter.”

Read more about Brown’s journey here: Covenant Health news 0813-3380 Christy Brown

Bariatric support group meetings are held on the third and fourth Monday of each month from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Parkwest Medical Center. Partici­pants choose the meeting day that is most convenient for them. Registration is required. Info: 865- 374-PARK (7275) to re­serve your spot or visit the website here.

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