A game within the game

Marvin Westwestwords

There is a game within the game.
A few days ago, in the aftermath of Florida-Michigan, Gator fans “fired” offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier. He’s got to go. Here is bus fare.
Their beloved …

Ex-Vol Careathers dies

Marvin Westwestwords

Paul Careathers, 64, Tennessee running back in the 1970s, died on Labor Day. His funeral was in Chattanooga on Saturday, early afternoon, before the UT football game.
He is survived by …

The show goes on

Marvin Westwestwords

Maybe you have heard this: The show must go on.
Tennessee will almost certainly play Indiana State Saturday at Neyland Stadium – as scheduled, 4 p.m. start. From the stands and …

Nothing to it, folks

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Nothing to it, folks. All it took was a fairly ordinary miracle.
Tennessee defeated Georgia Tech in two overtimes, 42-41, by finally stopping a runaway quarterback on a two-point try for …

Being Butch isn’t easy

Marvin Westwestwords

It isn’t easy being Butch Jones.
Paying customers demand perfection. Media types are constantly nipping at his heels.
Famous rivals seek to run him over. His own people sometimes cause consternation. And, …

Winning with freshmen

Marvin Westwestwords

The General was no fluke.
As a Tennessee football coach, Robert R. Neyland combined what he knew about military strategy and engineering principles to produce a remarkable (or phenomenal) record of …

Not sure who won

Marvin Westwestwords

Stop me if you have heard this one …
Tennessee and Georgia Tech, approaching their football opener, agree that the Volunteers hold a 24-17-2 edge in what was once an interesting …