The end is near

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The sign said “The end is near.”
The bearded man was carrying it along the sidewalk. I assumed he was a religious zealot, warning us of things to come.
My second thought …

Bits ’n pieces and what might have been

Marvin Westwestwords

What a strange place is our football world.
ESPN says Tennessee football is in free fall, that the offense is inept. Tennessee was the only team with a winning record to …

Salute the Vols of ‘67

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How strange that a great Tennessee football success story started and ended wrong.
Fifty years and a few weeks ago, the Volunteers opened in sunny, southern California and lost to UCLA …

As the General said, don’t ever give up

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Do not despair. There is an immediate future to replace the recent past. UMass is coming to Neyland Stadium. I am almost certain Tennessee can defend a last-gasp 63-yard pass …

A game within the game

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There is a game within the game.
A few days ago, in the aftermath of Florida-Michigan, Gator fans “fired” offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier. He’s got to go. Here is bus fare.
Their beloved …

Ex-Vol Careathers dies

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Paul Careathers, 64, Tennessee running back in the 1970s, died on Labor Day. His funeral was in Chattanooga on Saturday, early afternoon, before the UT football game.
He is survived by …

The show goes on

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Maybe you have heard this: The show must go on.
Tennessee will almost certainly play Indiana State Saturday at Neyland Stadium – as scheduled, 4 p.m. start. From the stands and …

Nothing to it, folks

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Nothing to it, folks. All it took was a fairly ordinary miracle.
Tennessee defeated Georgia Tech in two overtimes, 42-41, by finally stopping a runaway quarterback on a two-point try for …