Life after loss

Sandra ClarkOur Town Health

Danielle Rouse recently delivered her baby girl at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center following a complicated pregnancy that resulted in the loss of her son, Levi, in 2018.
The perinatal care …

Breaking down the 2019 novel coronavirus

Charity MenefeeOur Town Health

If you’ve watched or read the news lately, you’ve probably heard or seen stories about a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Since …

Physicians benefit from cardio rehab

Sandra ClarkOur Town Health

Two physicians attended cardiac rehab together at Parkwest and found the value of physical exercise even more important after suffering their own heart events.
Dr. Chip Johnson had an aortic valve …

Tumor removal solves medical mysteries

Sandra ClarkOur Town Health

An East Tennessee woman suffered blood pressure spikes and other symptoms for years. She ended up at Fort Sanders Regional with a rare adrenal gland tumor that, once removed, turned …