‘Save Money, Save Energy’

Anne BrockOur Town Outdoors

Fall is the season and Ijams Nature Center is the setting for a free “Save Money, Save Energy” workshop! It’s planned for Sunday, November 5, at 2:30 p.m., rain or …

‘Beauty beyond comprehension’

Tom HarringtonOur Town Outdoors

Wildflower reports – 23 October 2023
Updated: Rich Mountain Trail, not road, in final grouping.
Rich Mountain Road (from park boundary to Indian Grave trail)

Blue Aster – Many – Most at peak …

Don’t follow me, I run into walls

Cindy ArpOur Town Outdoors

Since my fall down our sidewalk the other day, I’ve been angry with myself; frustrated by the limits my healing injuries have imposed.
Fortunately, instead of continuing on in this unhelpful …

Boost state parks with Trail Pack

Jay FitzOur Town Outdoors

Tennessee State Parks has a program called Trail Pack. Donors receive recognition and certain perks for kicking in $25 or $50 annually.
Q: Someone asked why funding for trail maintenance is …

Land use is latest hot solar topic

Anne BrockOur Town Outdoors

How could the landscape change as communities build more renewable energy projects? Over the next 10 years, ten million acres in the United States could be covered in solar panels. …

Little River Trail: Breathtaking foliage

Tom HarringtonOur Town Outdoors

Wildflower and Foliage report – 17 October 2023.
Wildflower Reports
Litle River Trail (B to Cucumber Gap Trail)

Blue Aster – Many – Mostly at peak bloom. Several varieties seen.
Golden Rod – Few …

Coffee breaks and concrete steps

Cindy ArpOur Town Outdoors

Last week I talked about husband Dan’s exhausted guardian angel. Well, apparently, while I was writing about Dan’s angel, mine took a coffee break.
In my summer-long quest to vanquish some …