Foliage fades on Rabbit Creek Trail

Tom HarringtonOur Town Outdoors

Wildflower Report – Rabbit Creek Trail (From Abrams Creek to Hannah Mt. Trail)

Blue Asters – Few – Past peak bloom – almost gone.
Curtis Aster – Few – Slightly past peak …

Federal grants support trees in Knoxville

Jay FitzOur Town Outdoors

Thanks to two federal grants totaling $4.3 million, tree lovers hoping to expand Knoxville’s canopy – especially in neighborhoods needing it the most – have reason to celebrate.
The federal government …

My home’s energy checkup

Anne BrockOur Town Outdoors

Is your house keeping you cozy and on budget for utility bills? The EnergyRight program declares that “Average Valley Homes that achieve a 10 (on the EnergyRight Efficiency Report) can …