Candidates debate at PBPA

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Updated to reflect candidate Rhonda Lee has been a licensed attorney for six years, not 19.
All politics is local, said former U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill. Other than the questionable …

Knox County law director headlines March 3 ballot

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Four important Knox County offices will be filled March 3 in the Republican Primary. No Democratic candidates qualified for the countywide ballot, although someone might attempt nomination by write-in. Early …

Lutton, Lee vie for public defender post

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Eric Lutton and Rhonda Lee spoke Jan. 16 at the Powell Republican Club. Both are candidates for public defender, a job held for almost 30 years by Mark Stephens, who …

Onward to 2020

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What can we expect in local politics in the upcoming year?
First, the March 3 primaries are just 60 days out. That gives advantage to incumbents – folks with name recognition …