Just wear the damn mask 

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The Knox County Board of Health took over Knox County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the health department on Wednesday, and served notice that it’s not playing politics by …

Tennessee, we’ve got a lot to answer for

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If we had any sense, we’d be embarrassed.
That’s rhetorical, of course. The assortment of bigots, self-dealers and Bible-bangers we send to Nashville to represent us in the House of Representatives …

John Majors: Off the field

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Brian Griffin is a poet, not a jock. But he’s a native Tennessean, so of course he knew who Johnny Majors was before he happened to bump into him in …

Pandemic partnership or awkward threesome?

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So there she sits, an apolitical petunia in an onion patch of polarized pandemic politics – probably not a place Martha Buchanan, MD, ever aspired to be.
Director of the health …

The House of Pat

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(Editor’s Note: We asked Betty Bean to update a 2013 story that we had somewhat arrogantly titled “Dismantling the House that Pat Built.” It is here: Dismantling  Bean, of course, …