Tag, you’re it! at Mardi Growl

Sandra ClarkKnox Scene

Finally, we’ve got the feature that will anchor our Monday coverage at Knox TN Today. Photographer Shannon Cox has posted 30 pictures from Saturday’s Mardi Growl.
What a hoot. You’ll see …

Time to take Tommy to dinner

Betty BeanKnox Scene

Glenn Jacobs, Tim Burchett and Mike Ragsdale ought to take Tommy Schumpert out to dinner.
Back in 1999 – before county executives ran down to Nashville and got their title changed …

Saints and sinners on a mission

Betty BeanKnox Scene

One rainy afternoon when I first went to Nashville to cover politics for the Knoxville Journal, back in the days when we had two competitive daily newspapers in this town, …

Salute to Charlie Daniel

Sandra ClarkKnox Scene, Powell

News Sentinel editorial cartoonist Charlie Daniel has retired (after his job was abolished by corporate), so friends gathered to wish him well. The event was held Sunday (2/17) at the …