Welcome home, Larry

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Larry Van Guilder is in the house. He joined knoxtntoday.com in July and will be handling a variety of tasks. Larry is a unique guy – good with both numbers …

Rating the Class of ’17

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Five newbies joined the Knoxville City Council two years ago, replacing term-limited incumbents. Let’s score them, based on Tuesday’s vote on Recode Knoxville.
Gwen McKenzie (District 6: East Knox) – Solid …

Hubert Smith: Prepared to serve

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If the upcoming city election were a job interview, the candidate with the most impressive credentials for city council at-large Seat C would be Hubert Smith. Sure, Amy Midis has …

Where’s Eddie? We found him on Thursday

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The Knoxville Chamber hosted the political event of the season – the shrimp boil – from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday. Eddie Mannis wasn’t there.
Seems some enthusiastic youngsters had organized …