Road repairs and spring cleaning

Mike DonilaFun Outdoors

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and members of the Knox County Parks and Recreation Department will present the Love Kitchen with a check for more than $7,400 and 16 barrels …

Learn about bluebirds in online program

Melanie StatenFun Outdoors

The University of Tennessee Arboretum Society presents “Bluebirds: an American Success Story.” In the mid-twentieth century, bluebird populations plummeted by up to 90 per cent, but one simple idea has …

42 trees added to Collier Preserve

Sandra ClarkFun Outdoors, Powell

Collier Preserve got a boost last Saturday as volunteers planted 42 trees near the park’s entrance. Trees Knoxville provided expertise and tools.1
“It looks like 50 people here and it’s 25 …

Get ready for fishing and youth sports

Mike DonilaFun Outdoors

The Knox County Parks and Recreation Department is on its way to wrapping up a number of wintertime projects along the waterway.
Work crews recently replaced the boat dock at Concord …

Off season improvements continue

Mike DonilaFun Outdoors

I don’t want to say too much right now, but it looks like there’s a chance a couple of local companies are going to donate their time, supplies and services to …