Diggs Gap Road repaired

Abbey HarrisInside 640, On the Grow, Powell

Heavy rains in February took out a slope on Diggs Gap Road, making it impassable. But thanks to the work done in-house by the Knox County Engineering and Public Works …

City completes Magnolia streetscape

Paige M. TravisInside 640

The carpet of yellow flowers is in full bloom, and the tulip poplar, overcup oak and Princeton elm trees have leafed out. The stamped crosswalks are open. The smooth wide …

Project GRAD promotes two

Sandra ClarkInside 640, Our Town Teens

Project GRAD Knoxville has promoted two leaders with long tenure. Executive Director Vrondelia Chandler said both “exemplify excellence, creativity and a proven ability to achieve results.”
Tanisha Fitzgerald Baker has been …

Knox Rail Salvage

Christopher RobinArts 865, Inside 640

With heavily saturated colors, overdone HDR processing and those obnoxious power lines, there is so much wrong with this image that it surely is not my style of art. However, …

Fleet services provides protection to CAC buses

Abbey HarrisInside 640

When the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee was faced with protecting its drivers and passengers, officials turned to the Knox County Fleet Service Center for help.
Within days, two team members …

Ovi Kabir is eager to lead

Sandra ClarkInside 640, Let's Talk

Well, this is interesting.
Rarely does a candidate so bluntly call out his predecessors, but listen to Ovi Kabir, a candidate for the state House from District 15 – a district …