Testerman draws big-name support

Sandra ClarkInside 640, West Knox

Knoxville will get a new mayor and four new City Council members in 2019, and candidates are already lining up support.
Knoxville’s business and political leaders hosted a fundraiser for Janet …

Recode rambles on; council holds workshop

Nick Della VolpeInside 640

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Last night (2/7) Knoxville City Council held a three-hour workshop on Recode’s treatment of the commercial, office and industrial zones. …

And eat those veggies!

Sandra ClarkInside 640

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs helped deliver Mobile Meals on Tuesday when much of the county was shut down. He posted this picture on Twitter and tweeted:
“What makes #KnoxCounty great? …