The land endures

Sandra ClarkFun Outdoors, Halls

When the Gondolier Restaurant opened in Halls, customers overwhelmed the parking lot. Kroger, a considerable distance from Gondolier, nevertheless had cars towed if a Gondolier customer parked on Kroger land.
It …

Enjoy a stroll through Clayton Park

Beth KinnaneFun Outdoors, Halls

According to Carol Evans, executive director of the Legacy Parks Foundation, Clayton Park is on the list as a potential Beaver Creek put-in for kayaks and canoes on the developing …

Cox has book launch on Sunday

Beth KinnaneArts 865, Halls

Local author Brooke Cox is having a book launch this Sunday, April 25, at 2 p.m. in the fellowship hall at Beaver Dam Baptist Church.
Cox was a finalist for a …

Big D’s faces beer license revocation

Sandra ClarkHalls, Let's Talk

Spring: The birds are chirping, the teens are promming and the beer inspectors are inspecting. It happens every year.
Convenience markets are prime targets as the Sheriff’s Office sends in cadets …