Cruising the Pacific and moving on

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

Cruising the Pacific Ocean is an up-and-down adventure. Our cabin on our Royal Caribbean ship is on the second deck, so the waves are not too far below us. The …

Fire safety demos could save lives

Kelly NorrellFarragut

National Fire Prevention Week

You can get the jump on National Fire Prevention Week  Oct. 8-14  with two free fire safety events.
On Thursday, Oct. 5, the town of Farragut Fire Prevention Office and the …

Fall: It’s fickle but still fabulous

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

Welcome to fall in Tennessee.
The most fickle of all our four seasons, fall is like a hummingbird. It flits forward, dips backward, always just inches away from the sweet nectar …