Knox County received seven proposals for the sale and redevelopment of the historic Andrew Johnson Building. The proposals, opened after the submittal deadline passed at 2 p.m. today, are from entities located in Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana, according to a press release from Knox County.

“The amount of interest shown in redeveloping the AJ Building is exciting, and it’s an indication that this historic building can be preserved and put to better use by the private sector,” said Mayor Tim Burchett.

Soon, an evaluation committee will begin reviewing the proposals, a process that make take eight to 10 weeks, according to Knox County Procurement staff. Efforts to identify a new location for the Knox County Schools’ administrative offices is on-going.

Proposals were received by the following entities:

BET Investments, Inc. (Columbus, OH)

BNA Associates, LLC (Nashville)

Crescent Bend Development & Safe Harbor Development (Knoxville)

Development Services Group (Memphis)

LHP Capital LLC & Conversion Properties, Inc. (Knoxville)

Sun Development & Management Corporation (Indianapolis, IN)

Terminus Real Estate & Legacy Capital Partners, LLC (Knoxville)


Written by Sandra Clark
editor/CEO Powell 865-661-8777