Brenda Gentry: Success story after a stroke

Sandra ClarkLoudon, Our Town Health

Music rolls across the airwaves from a Sweetwater radio station on a Sunday morning. As the broadcast encourages listeners to rejoice, the woman playing the music may be rejoicing more than anyone else.

Brenda Gentry, 68, is a Methodist minister, musician and lifelong resident of Loudon. She is also one of many stroke patients successfully treated at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

Her family moved quickly to get her to the hospital, giving her the chance to keep the music playing in her life.

The only sign of trouble had been what Gentry describes as “a gray circle” in her vision. The stroke hit while she was working in the garden, and she never saw it coming.

“We were gathering corn,” Gentry says, “I was laying it on my left arm and it kept rolling off.”

Then, while bending over, she tumbled to the ground. Gentry asked her husband to help her get back up, but he told her to stay put. He shouted to their son, who called 9-1-1.

At the recommendation of the EMTs, Gentry was rushed to Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. Read the full story of her treatment, rehabilitation and return to gospel music: Covenant Health News_Stroke Survivor Brenda Gentry

Information provided by public relations department of Covenant Health

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